Here you can read about Forever's work and engagements in the field of sustainability.

OBOS is a sustainability leader in the construction and housing industry, including providing the market with high rise wooden buildings mitigating climate change. OBOS is promoting diversity by being the main partner to the Swedish Female Football League and by offering newly arrived refugees jobs in factories. OBOS Sweden invests about 10 percent of profits in social projects promoting a fair economic development in all parts of Sweden. Forever are proud to support OBOS on sustainability and strategy.

Forever works with Non Smoking Generation Foundation in a project called "Smoking is contagious" to fight tobacco use among teenagers with the vision to make all Gymnasium schools in Sweden free from tobacco. In recent years, smoking and other nicotine products has become more popular again among teenagers, in spite of scientific evidence about the perils of using tobacco.

Sports Heart are working for childrens right to sports and health. The vision is make every young person in Sweden to continue with sports until they are 18 of age. Today the figure is 11,8 years as a mean. To reach this Sports Heart provides affordable sports camps available also for children from weaker economical backgrounds. Sports Heart also trains sports leaders promoting social inclusion and preventing elite-thinking that pushes young people to leave sports.

By the year 2050, there can be more plastic than fish in all the ocean of the earth. This is an appalling reality for us all not only in our own neighborhood, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, it is a concern for everyone and everywhere, not least the countries around the Mediterranean sea. Göran Lindstedt, partner at Forever Sustainable, is engaged in the work with the foundation, including a 5 days trip to Israel to exchange experiences between the most important actors in the country in marine research and a group of outstanding researchers from the Baltic Sea Centre at Stockholm University. Areas of discussion covered eutrophication, marine ecology and biodiversity, fish and fisheries and environmental contaminants as well as academies cooperation with the business community. 

FOREVER collaborates with Stiftelsen Håll Sverige Rent/Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation

Plastic is the most common waste in all the world's seas, and it just fills up. If we don´t act now, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea in 2050. Keep the Sea Clean is a network of Swedish companies, authorities and experts gathered around the vision; a sea without plastic. By identifying new opportunities, challenging competitive advantages and developing sustainable solutions, the network drives the work forward. FOREVER act as an supporting advisor in this important mission.

Siljan News logoForever is working with Siljan News, that in the wake of the traditional newspaper crisis, recreates journalism and contributes to a more inclusive and innovative society. The hyperlocal digital news site Siljan News is read by 75 percent of the audience in Leksand and Rättvik weekly. The magazine has been profitable since its start and has a strong growth in revenues.

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